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We specialize in acquiring and maximizing the potential of top-performing Amazon brands. Let us help you take your business to the next level

Exit Means Growth

At Gemmabox, we have a track record of acquiring successful e-commerce brands like yours. Our team consists of experienced Amazon sellers who have spent years building and growing brands, and working with other FBA aggregators. We understand the effort and challenges that go into building an e-commerce business from the ground up, from managing inventory to dealing with Amazon seller issues. That's why, when we acquire your business, we want to reassure you that we will respect and align with your brand vision as we integrate your business into ours. Our goal is to help you smoothly exit your current business so you can move on to your next big opportunity

Our Services

Our Pillars

How we optimize every acquired business for growth


We improve brands images, logos and packaging as well as listing and website content.


We use AI tools to maximize sales as well as marketing spend. We focus on improving organic rankings to get more profitable sales.

Supply Chain

We have an always in stock policy to avoid loosing presence on Amazon and loose market share to our competitors.

Go Global

We focus on having presence in Europe, North America and LATAM.

Multi Channel

Amazon is a great starting point but we believe that to diversify risk we should be in another channels such as Walmart, Wayfair or Bol. We try to integrate all of our brands into our own web shop and develop offline sales with our contacts in LATAM.

Growth Capital

We have enough private capital to go after very ambitious goals, so rest assure that we would not hesitate in deploying capital to grow our brands.

Beauty Products

What we look for?

We look for a profitable E-commerce brand where the majority of their sales comes from Amazon. Ideally you only sell in one marketplace either USA or Europe and have a strong presence in that marketplace.

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