Our Journey

At the beginning of the year I came back from Germany to my home country, Guatemala, with the idea to start a business, but not just a business to make money, a business that would positively impact everyone involved. After some weeks of researching and figuring out what to do, the idea to create Gemma Box was born. Gemma Box was founded with the idea to connect quality jewelry made by artisans from developing countries with remarkable customers around the world, through our subscription box model and SOON, our marketplace. 

The last few months have been an incredible journey, we have met incredible people, have visited beautiful places, and have lived remarkable experiences. This journey has lasted 11 months in which dreams have become a reality. I have to thank everyone, from family, friends, customers, artisans and everyone involved.

Last but not least I have to say that from now on we start a new journey, for sure more difficult and with many obstacles ahead, but we know that with hard work we are going to be able to satisfy our customers with remarkable handcrafted jewelry and impact artisans' businesses and lives.

I invite everyone to check out, share and like our website and subscribe to our quarterly box. Thank you for reading this blog! Until the next one :)


Co-Founder and CEO