About us

Gemma Box is a socially conscious, online store featuring quality Handmade and Fairtrade Jewelry crafted by artisans from Guatemala. We partner with talented artisans to create high-quality pieces of jewelry, giving them an opportunity to access global markets through our service.
We believe that by empowering artisans and paying fair prices for their work we can help them build a sustainable business, creating a positive social change in their lives and consequently impacting their community and surroundings.

Poverty, inequality, violence, and lack of opportunities are some characteristics of the regions where we work with our artisan partners. Many of them struggle to sustain their businesses and to provide for their families.

Despite these obstacles, the beauty and richness of culture and tradition in these regions are undeniable and clearly evident in the artisans’ hand-made creations, often accompanied by ancestral techniques transmitted from generation to generation. Jewelry is among the arts and crafts that many talented artisans in these remote areas create. Their techniques incorporate the use of semi precious and precious stones, such as jade, as well as the use of precious metals, such as silver and gold.

Unfortunately, because of the problems innate to regions in Guatemala, many artisans end up searching for better paid jobs in the city, leaving their towns, their workshops, and thus, losing the ancestral and traditional techniques that have been left as part of the cultural heritage by their ancestors.

This is why Gemma Box was born. We want to give artisans the opportunity to access global markets and keep their cultural heritage by not only paying fair prices for their work, but by keeping our focus on YOU, our customer, creating exceptionally beautiful pieces of jewelry.

When you buy our products, you positively impact an artisan, a family, a community; you help mitigate poverty and inequality, create opportunities and keep tradition alive.