Jade in Guatemala

The term 'Jade' refers to two types rocks composed of different silicate minerals: nephrite and jadeite. Of the two, Jadeite is considered the more precious form of Jade. It is harder, denser, and scarcer than nephrite. It also has a wider range of colors.

Jadeite is considered a gemstone. It is formed from metamorphic rocks under high pressure and low temperature and its color is affected by chromium. The rock can be found in Burma, Russia, Japan, and Guatemala. In Guatemala, Jadeite is mostly found in the area of Zacapa, often in the the mountain chain of 'Sierra de las Minas' and in the valley of the 'Motagua River'. 

In Gemma Box, we work with jadeite from Guatemala. The rock has been used since the Mayans in different ornaments. For them, Jade was a very symbolic stone, often used for healing and believed to promote wisdom, balance, and peace. 

In many cultures, different colors of Jade are believed to have different significance. Here are some of the colors that you can find in our jewelry store and their meanings. 

  •  Black: Power, wisdom, and elegance
  • Green: Nature, life, and growth
  • Lavender: Prosperity and peace
  • Blue: Wealth, peace, and encourages reflection
  • Imperial Green: Power, status, and eternity
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