Laura Spillari - Jewelry Artisan

"My name is Laura Spillari. I am a jewelry designer and a jewelry maker. My journey in the jewelry world began in 2008, after I had the opportunity to discover the beauty and uniqueness of jade in one of the regions here in Guatemala. In 2012, I opened my first and only shop in Antigua Guatemala called Xibalba"

"My grandmother was the person who influenced my love of jewelry the most, as she taught me to appreciate jewelry for its value and design. I love fashion, and I have a special regard for accessories because they tell a lot about our personality."

"We work mainly with local jade, a stone rich in Guatemalan culture and unique in beauty and colors. We promote the conservation of this natural resource; we carefully handpick our stones from a local river, mostly during summer, where the river flow is low. Guatemala is one of the few countries where quality jadeite can be found without the need for mining"

Jade in Guatemala

"Currently, we are a team of 5 people, selling mostly in our local shop in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, and hoping to reach international customers through platforms such as Gemma Box."

jewelry artisan

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