Tips on Caring for Jewelry

All of our jewelry is carefully designed and handmade with quality materials. Every piece is a delicate work of art and thus, should be handled with care. 

We hope that our jewelry becomes one of your most intimate and cherished accessories. 

Here are some tips on how to take care of your jewelry:

1. Do not expose your jewelry to chemicals. Chemicals will damage or discolor your pieces, especially if it contains gold, silver or platinum.

2. Caring for your gemstones. Most of our jewelry is crafted with jade stones. Even though jade is a very hard stone and very difficult to scratch, try to avoid scratching the stone with sharp edges. 

3. Keeping it shiny. After some use, the silver and the jade on your jewelry might lose a little bit of shininess. In order to keep your pieces shiny grab a piece of dry soft fabric and gently clean the stone and metal.

4. For adjustable pieces. Sometimes we design adjustable pieces that fit more than one size. If you buy one of these, treat it gently, sterling silver jewelry can easily bend and lose its shape. Avoid constantly changing the size of your jewelry, once you find a size that fits keep it that way.